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Pediatric OT

People often wonder why a child would benefit from Occupational Therapy, thinking an occupational therapist assists individual with finding a job or improving their occupation.
Occupational Therapists are trained to assist individuals with performing all of the daily tasks that allow them to be independent. The daily tasks of a child include self care, play and learning. The outcome of these tasks is to develop the skills for lifelong learning and to be productive, independent members of their community. There are many developmental skills that may need to be nurtured to help children to grow into successful adults. These skills include:
  • Body Awareness, timing and motor coordination to participate in activities of play
  • Fine Motor Coordination to master handwriting, self care and use of functional tools.
  • Age appropriate self care activities
  • Tolerance of hygiene tasks such as tooth brushing and hair cuts.
  • Regulation of arousal level to maximize ability to participate in daily activities
  • Development of Ocular Motor Skills and Vestibular Function to improve reading, math, motor skills and the ability to participate in the classroom.
  • Treatment of sensory based anxiety disorders.
  • Oral motor skills and oral desensitization to allow for tolerance of a variety of food tastes and textures.


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